Cowboys all-time best/worst draft picks: Quarterbacks


Randy Cowboys all time best/worst draft picks: Quarterbacks


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Randy Cowboys all time best/worst draft picks: Quarterbacks
Randy Cowboys all time best/worst draft picks: Quarterbacks

Cowboys all-time best/worst draft picks: Quarterbacks
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 Cowboys all time best/worst draft picks: Quarterbacks
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Troy Aikman was the first pick by the Cowboys in the 1989 draft.

In 2010, SportsDay’s Dallas Cowboys beat writers examined the best draft picks by the team at each position since 1967, the year the AFL and NFL stopped drafting the same players. This has revisions from the 2010 draft.


Troy Aikman , UCLA
1989, First round (No.1 overall)

Since we only go back to 1967 in our selection process, this is the easiest pick. Had we used the entire franchise history, then getting Roger Staubach in the 10th round of the 1964 draft as a “future” player, Staubach would have topped the list.

Aikman holds or is tied for 47 passing records, including yards (32,942) and touchdowns (165) but Aikman wasn’t judged on stats. He was judged on winning and he won three Super Bowls and was named the MVP of Super Bowl XXVII. He also won 90 games in the 1990s, which gave him more wins in a decade for a team than any quarter.

Danny White, Arizona State
1974, Third round (No. 53 overall)

In a franchise with two Hall of Fame quarterbacks in Staubach and Aikman, White’s accomplishments get overlooked. He had a 62-30 record as a starter but three straight losses in NFC Conference Championship Games hurt his legacy.

Still, he threw for 21,959 yards and had 155 touchdown passes to go with one Pro Bowl appearance. He was also an excellent punter.


Quincy Carter, Georgia
2001, Second round (No. 53 overall)

Being picked at No. 53 overall was the biggest surprise of the 2001 draft and not his fault. The Cowboys were in desperate need for a quarterback, especially one that could cover up some offensive line warts and reached for Carter.

A huge reach that failed, although he posted a 10-6 record in 2003 and helped the Cowboys to the playoffs in Bill Parcells’ first year. Ten players chosen after Carter in the second round went on to play in at least one Pro Bowl.

In 31 starts for the Cowboys, Carter had 26 touchdown passes and 36 interceptions. He was cut early in training camp in 2004 after reports of a failed drug test.

Quarterbacks taken by the Cowboys in the draft (since 1967):

Round Pk. Full Name College Pro Bowls
1967 8 208 Steve Laub Illinois Wesleyan 0
1967 16 416 Paul Brothers Oregon State 0
1969 12 308 Bob Belden Notre Dame 0
1971 12 311 Steve Goepel Colgate 0
1972 16 416 Gordon Longmire Utah 0
1973 8 204 Dan Werner Michigan State 0
1974 3 53 Danny White Arizona State 1
1974 12 309 Keith Bobo SMU 0
1976 11 317 Cornelius Greene Ohio State 0
1976 13 374 Mark Driscoll Colorado State 0
1977 2 54 Glenn Carano UNLV 0
1977 10 275 Steve DeBerg San Jose State 0
1980 5 133 Gary Hogeboom Central Michigan 0
1983 6 162 Reggie Collier Southern Mississippi 0
1984 5 113 Steve Pelluer Washington 0
1986 6 150 Stan Gelbaugh Maryland 0
1987 7 180 Kevin Sweeney Fresno State 0
1988 6 151 Scott Secules Virginia 0
1989 1 1 Troy Aikman UCLA 6
1991 4 106 Bill Musgrave Oregon 0
2001 2 53 Quincy Carter Georgia 0
2007 4 103 Isaiah Stanback Washington 0
2009 4 101 Stephen McGee Texas A&M 0

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