Why would Romo invite Jerry Jones?


Randy Why would Romo invite Jerry Jones?


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Randy Why would Romo invite Jerry Jones?
Randy Why would Romo invite Jerry Jones?

Why would Romo invite Jerry Jones?
By Dan Graziano
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Hi, and welcome to today’s edition of “The NFL Lockout is Totally Absurd.”

5209 Why would Romo invite Jerry Jones?


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In this episode, Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is getting married Saturday and has invited Cowboys team owner Jerry Jones to the wedding. But because the owners have locked out the players and imposed a rule that says teams and players cannot have contact during said lockout, Jones had to make sure it was all right with his fellow owners and the NFL before checking “Beef” or “Chicken” and sending back the invitation.

According to Calvin Watkins and Ed Werder, Jones is all set. “I’ve gotten special permission,” Jones said, before adding that it was in fact “one of the prettiest invitations I’ve ever seen,” which was sweet of him to say.

My question — and this is a serious question here — is why in the world Jerry Jones would be invited to this wedding?

Think about it. Put yourself in Romo’s position. Let’s say you’re planning a wedding, and this wedding happens to fall during a period of time during which your boss and the boss of every other company in your chosen field has decided to prohibit you from working or earning a living. Your boss will not allow you to go to work because he believes you and your fellow employees make too much money and need to give some of it back. He and his fellow bosses have dug in on this position, are disputing your right to fight them on it in court and have given no indication that there’s any timetable for their position to change.

Under all of those circumstances … would you invite your boss to your wedding? I wouldn’t.

Now, I know Romo’s income level, net worth and savings account balance make this an imperfect comparison. And we all know that Romo’s not one of the NFL players who will ultimately be done real harm by the lockout. But the fact is that the circumstances I outlined in the above paragraph are the exact conditions that define the current relationship between Romo and Jerry Jones.

All I’m saying is, Jones had better bring one heck of a gift.

If he’s allowed to, that is.


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