Robert’s 3 Point Stance | An Angry Cowboys Fan Vents

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Randy Roberts 3 Point Stance | An Angry Cowboys Fan Vents


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Randy Maltz is a die-hard sports fan, with passion for the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Longhorns. He is Founder & Editor of Silver and Blue Report and Hook 'em Report. He still idolizes Roger Staubach and Tom Landry.
Randy Roberts 3 Point Stance | An Angry Cowboys Fan Vents
Randy Roberts 3 Point Stance | An Angry Cowboys Fan Vents
Robert’s 3 Point Stance
Tendencies, Trends, Habits, and Addictions: An Angry Cowboys Fan Vents
Robert Schwartz – Featured Writer Silver and Blue Report & Hook’em Report

angry man Roberts 3 Point Stance | An Angry Cowboys Fan VentsTendencies, Trends, Habits, and Addictions: An Angry Cowboys Fan Vents.
Everyone has tendencies. 600 times out of 1000 I wear a blue or a green shirt to work. Every group of people has trends. A lot of the younger crowd puts huge ear stretchers in their head like some sort of primitive mating thing. Some people have habits. My mother eats Godiva Dark Chocolate every night. The worst of us have addictions like smoking cigarettes, heroin, and losing big games when they count the most (December).

It was cute when the Current Dallas Cowboys had a tendency to blow big games in December like a nickel hooker on dime beer night. After a few years it became a trend. Teams could plan around the Cowboys in December and get easy victories. Just pressure Romo a little and the November Miracle becomes the December Doofus with one flip of a calendar page.

Two years ago, it became a habit. Something you work hard to overcome, but nothing that haunts your waking days and nights. Today, it became an addiction. And just like an addiction to cigarettes it stinks, it sticks with you, and it’s something you can’t stop without SERIOUS medication that can cause blindness, certain sexual dysfunctions, and sometimes losing your coach.

I’m angry, disappointed, and hungry for some traction. Since the Tuna error (oops, era) we’ve been knocking on the door of mediocrity. We’ve never gotten over the December Hump. There’s nothing these guys are doing to make me think they have the guts, the balls, or the gutballs to stand up and shout “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!” No one is taking charge and saying “We have an addiction, an addiction to losing when it counts, and it’s time to TAKE SOME SERIOUS MEDICINE” (certain sexual side effects notwithstanding).

If it’s not Romo, Red Ball, Rexxy, or anyone else on the field, it HAS to be Jerry Jones. Maybe you fire everyone. Cut Tony Romo, cut DeMarcus Ware, cut off everything. We have an addiction. We’re junkies for losing. I love to watch the Cowboys, but the closer they come to knocking on the door, the more we suffer. I’m NOT buying that Ware jersey for my 3-rd Grader for Christmas to replace his outgrown Romo jersey. I’m going to try another sport like Ice Curling or Soccer. Nobody knows anything about Soccer, so just pick a few teams and root for them. I don’t think they even keep score in Soccer. But I do know they don’t play the confounded game in DECEMBER.

Please Santa, all I want for Christmas is an intervention.

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