Cowboy Zak’s Blog | Huge hit on Salary Cap


Randy Cowboy Zaks Blog | Huge hit on Salary Cap


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Randy Cowboy Zaks Blog | Huge hit on Salary Cap
Randy Cowboy Zaks Blog | Huge hit on Salary Cap

Cowboy Zak’s Blog
Huge Hit for Dallas Cowboys with Salary Cap Space
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540214 150x150 Cowboy Zaks Blog | Huge hit on Salary CapThe Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins just took a big hit just a couple of hours before the NFL free agency opened for business. Why are they being punished?
Well, Jerry Jones and Stephen Jones structured their player’s contracts to where they front loaded on the uncapped 2010 season to create more “wiggle” room in the following seasons. The Cowboys and Redskins will lose a combined 46 million dollars in salary cap space over the next 2 years. The money will be divided up between every team except the Raiders and Saints for running a similar operation to the Cowboys only not to the same extent. While this is good news for neither of the teams involved this will especially affect the Redskins who lost 36 million dollars in cap space (18 million in 1 year) and needed the money more as they were more likely to do make some big moves in free agency. Meanwhile the Cowboys on the other hand were expected to pick at least one big name cornerback like Cortland Finnegan or Brandon Carr, as the Cowboys secondary needs all the help it can get. This is going to hurt both teams chances to pick up some of the bigger names in free agency.

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